O Christmas Tree
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O Christmas Tree

Arranged: James Bazen
Scored for: vocalist, 5 saxes, 4 trumpets,
4 trombones, 4 rhythm

Difficulty: Medium
Key:Ab; modulates to C when vocal enters
Vocal Range: G3 – A4
Trumpet 1 Range: B4 – B5

Starts with a lazy swing alto solo which gives way to the vocalist. Double time jazz open solo section.

omposed: Blaine/Harry
Arranged: James Bazen
Score for: Vocal, Clarinet, 4 Saxes, 4 Trumpets,
4 Trombones, 4 Rhythm

Difficulty: Medium
Key: Ab
Vocal Range: Ab3 – Db5
Trumpet 1 Range: D4 – Bb5

Ballad intro featuring clarinet and bones. Changes to bossa nova when vocalist enters.